Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sickness in Numbers

Another sickness hit the Goldylocks' household.  Seriously!  I can not believe it.  Only two weeks ago we were all hit with that awesome stomach bug.  This past week, colds.  Nasty, nasty, colds.  Filled with snot, coughs, tears, sore throats, runny eyes, sneezing, more tears, more snot and no sleep.

Saturday and Sunday:

3:1               Ratio of sick household members to semi-healthy household members.

2                  Sick children.

834,792          Times snotty noses (including my own) were wiped.

120                     Sneezes.

4                          Average hours of sleep per night.

2                           Number of days children remained in pajamas.

.5                         Average hours of naps per day.

3,148,652      Number of tissues used.

20                        Hours of snuggling babies.

20                        Hours of crying babies.

2                          Broken-hearted parents who had no clue how to make their babies feel better.

I have to give props to my husband, Poppa Bear, who was home during the day on Thursday and Friday with two sick babies while I was at work.  He did such a great job!  You ROCK daddy!


  1. Cute post! Our twins have been sick sick too! Croup, Ear Infection, Stomach Flu, Colds, Ear Infection, and now allergies! AHH! When it isn't one it's the other! :)

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!



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