Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Thursday ~ January 13, 2011

Outside my's cold and snowy.

The time is..8:58AM.

Today I feel..mad.

I am thinking..about how the black cloud hanging over me bringing me bad luck is really starting to piss me off.

At the moment, I am thankful..that I haven't hurt anyone yet today.

I am the auto parts store on my lunch to replace the drivers' side windshield wiper that fell off this morning.  This caused me to drive to work with no wiper which in the summer would have been just fine.  But in the winter, after a big snow fall, salt is spread all over our roads, then the snow melts and there is water...lots of salty dirty water...that gets sprayed all over your windshield causing you to have to WIPE it constantly...which is really difficult to do when you don't have a wiper.

I am dress paints and a cute pink sweater my sister gave to me when she cleaned out her closet {I love when she cleans out her closet...I get lots of new stuff}.

I wish..this bad luck would go away.  Is this how the whole year is going to be?  I can't take much more.

I am reading..nothing these days.  I have a pile of books to read at home, a few freebies I downloaded, and one on reserve at the library.  I really need to get back to reading again.  Reading has always been an escape for me...and I could really use an escape right about now.

I am working on..losing weight.  I'm using My Fitness Pal to track my food and exercise.  I am loving this site.  I really wanted to go back to Weight Watchers but I just can not afford it.  And really, all Weight Watchers does is take all the nutrition information of a food and calculates it into points.  My Fitness Pal counts calories.  Oh, and it's FREE!

I am hoping..that hubs and I continue to stick to our new healthy lifestyles.  It makes dieting so much easier when we do it together.

I am hearing..the radio and the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard.

I bet you didn't know..I have been smoke free for SIX WEEKS!!!!!!

One of my favorite..snacks these days are Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels.  I can have thirty of them for seventy calories.  I make them by one by one.

Weekend Plans..

[Thursday] It's my weekly Pizza Night.  I'm going to make a pepperoni one for my brother-in-law and his kids since they're boring like that.  For the rest of us {my sister, my kids, and I} I'm going to make a barbecue chicken one.  This way I can keep the calories low and still enjoy some pizza.
[Friday] No plans besides work.  I hope it stays that way.
[Saturday] Assemble Marcus and Maddox's BIG BOY BEDS! It's time.  I'm scared. 
[Sunday] Not sure yet...lets hope Saturday night goes well and that we all get a good nights sleep.

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